State: 2020-10-28

Tutorial for beginners (Windows)

You can not only register a account via our web form, within your windows client you can also directly create an account.

We show you how to create a Jabber account directly in Gajim.

Screenshots are in german language, please follow the description!

Point 1: Install Gajim for free

We open the Gajim website and download the 32-bit or 64-bit client.

  1. Download Gajim for Windows
  2. We download Gajim (64 bit) and install Gajim

Point 2: Create account

Now we open Gajim and go through the illustrated instructions step by step.

Please remember the password!

Point 3: Set profile picture (optional)

Jabber, like all instant messengers, allows you to specify a profile picture (called avatar).