State: 2020-11-12

Tutorial for beginners (GNU/Linux)

In this guide we show you how to use DinoDino for GNU/Linux to chat with your friends.

Screenshots are in german language, please follow the description!

Point 1: Install Dino for free

We install Dino via our software installation centre. This can be called different from Linux to Linux.

Alternatively we open our terminal and install Dino via our package manager of the used Linux distribution.

Example for Ubuntu: apt-get install dino-im

OSPackage name
Arch Linuxdino
Debian ≥ 10dino-im
Fedora ≥ 28dino
Guix ≥ 0.14.0dino
NixOS ≥ 18.03dino
Ubuntu ≥ 18.04dino-im
Alpine Linux Edgedino
Void Linuxdino

Point 2: Create account

Now we open the the registration page and fill in the fields.

Info: An in-band registration in Dino unfortunately does not work directly, because Dino cannot display captchas.

  1. Your username
  2. Your secure password
  3. Repeat your password
  4. Enter the 6-digit numerical code from the picture below
  5. Press REGISTER

Please remember the password!

Point 3: Add account

We add the account in Dino.

  1. Open Dino and click on manage accounts
  2. Now we click on + at the bottom left
  3. Enter your JID* from point 2 here
  4. Enter your password now
  5. Press finish

* The JID, or Jabber-ID, consists of your nickname and the domain exp.