State: 2020-11-13

Invite friends

In this guide we show you how to invite your friends to

Screenshots are in german language, please follow the description!

Point 1: Open profile

  1. In Messenger we click on the menu menu on the top right
  2. Now go to Edit Profile

Point 2: Share link

  1. In the profile we click on the share share icon above
  2. Now select Share as HTTP Link
  3. Now choose the Messenger App where we want to share the link with our friend, for example SMS
  4. The sent link only needs to be opened by your friend
  5. Your friend can register on the displayed website
    1. create a free account
    2. install an app for his smartphone*
    3. add you as a contact

* Sollte dein Freund bei der Einrichtung Hilfe benötigen, schicke ihm gleich eine Anleitung mit: Anleitung für Einsteiger (Android)