How Pix-Art Messenger disappeared from the Google Play Store

The Pix-Art Messenger is no longer available in the Google Play Store since 31 October 2020!

Google sent us an email that evening informing us that the App Pix-Art Messenger was infringing trademarks of the company PicsArt, Inc. (

The app was immediately removed from the store by Google. It is no longer possible to use the App-ID de.pixart.messenger. Google does not deviate from their position and PicsArt, Inc. does not respond to any emails from us.
The PixArt Gallery is also affected and expresses itself in a blog:

We will release the app under the name again in the Google Play Store, F-Droid and Git!

Google Play Store users:

All Google Play Store Pix-Art Messenger users must reinstall the app and migrate their account using the backup feature.

We describe the account migration in detail here:

F-Droid and Git users:

F-Droid and Git users will receive an update to with the old App-ID in the usual way.

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