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Migration from Pix-Art Messenger to blabber.im (Android)

In this guide we show you how to backup your Pix-Art Messenger account and restore it in the blabber.im App.

This method copies all contacts, groups and OMEMO keys, settings are not applied.

Screenshots are in german language, please follow the description!

Point 1: Set profile offline

  1. In Pix-Art Messenger we click on the menu on the top right
  2. Now click on Settings
  3. Then go to expert settings
  4. Activate the multi-profile mode
  5. Go back and click on Manage profiles in the menu at the top right
  6. Use the slider behind the profile to set it offline

Point 2: Create backup

  1. In Pix-Art Messenger we click on the menu on the top right
  2. Now click on Settings
  3. Then on security and data protection
  4. Scroll down and click on Create Backup

Point 3: Restore backup in blabber.im

  1. After installing blabber.im we finish the intro and click on IMPORT BACKUP
  2. In the next screen we select our backup
  3. We enter our account password and finally click on RECOVERY

Point 4: Activate profile

  1. We open the menu on the top right
  2. Now we click on Edit Profile
  3. At the bottom right we click on ACTIVATE

Point 5: Disable battery optimisation

  1. In the profile, active in the area of battery optimisation, we click on DISABLE
  2. With Allow the battery optimisation for the blabber.in the app is deactivated
  3. Done, you have successfully migrated your account from Pix-Art Messenger to the new blabber.im Messenger

Point 6: Uninstall Pix-Art Messenger

  1. It should be avoided to reactivate the profile in Pix-Art Messenger
  2. When the profile is activated, OMEMO encrypted messages can be lost because the key is used twice
  3. The safest thing to do is to uninstall Pix-Art Messenger
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