What is Jabber?

Jabber – often called the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP for short). XMPP is a protocol that can be used to exchange messages on the Internet (instant messenger). Not only messages can be shared, also pictures, audio and other file formats.

Unlike some big messengers, is open to other jabber servers that are also part of the federated network.

You can add Jabber Contacts to your contact list (also called roster) in the same way you add email addresses. An address such as is called a Jabber-ID, or JID for short. You can also create private or public group chats like our chat room

What advantages does Jabber offer?

  • No control by an economically driven organization
  • No advertising in news
  • No personal data necessary
  • Decentralised federated server platforms
  • XMPP is a free and open source standard
  • True multi-client end-to-end encryption for messages and group chats
  • Several clients can be used at the same time
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