„I have moved!“ Link

You switched from a conventional messenger like WhatsApp to XMPP?
We help you to inform your contacts about the move and offer a link with instructions on how your contacts can reach you.
The link can be stored together with a text in the status of the old messenger or in an autoresponder app.

Link example: https://blabber.im/en/+username

Just write your username after the + sign, it will automatically be displayed on the “I have moved!” page.

 Example texts


AutoResponder App:

For non-blabber.im Users

You don’t have a blabber.im account, but you would like to inform your friends about your moving to XMPP?

No problem, just use this “I have moved!” Link.

Link example: https://blabber.im/u/user@jabber.org

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Everything after + is pure free text for the username, it is not checked for an existing account!