Public group chat history available in HTML

By | 10 November 2020|

Public group chat history available in HTML From now group chat (MUC) administrators can configure their public rooms and activate "Enable logging" Once this option is enabled, a group chat history is available on the Web. The group chat [...]

First Beta Version available

By | 07 November 2020|

First Beta Version available The first version 3.0.0 beta_(2020-11-07) is available for download. Version 3.0.0 Pix-Art Messenger is now rework missed call notifications (PAM) UI improvements (PAM) show backups from other messengers (PAM) automatically remove URL [...]

How Pix-Art Messenger disappeared from the Google Play Store

By | 06 November 2020|

How Pix-Art Messenger disappeared from the Google Play Store The Pix-Art Messenger is no longer available in the Google Play Store since 31 October 2020! Google sent us an email that evening informing us that the App Pix-Art Messenger [...]

Pix-Art Messenger turns into

By | 26 October 2020|

Pix-Art Messenger turns into The cooperation between the two projects and Pix-Art Messenger will be further expanded in November 2020. Until now was only the default server in Pix-Art Messenger. In the future the Android app [...] is now IPv6 ready

By | 02 June 2020|

IPv6 has been enabled From now is also available in the IPv6 network. This step was long overdue and necessary. $ host -t SRV has SRV record 5 5 5222 has SRV record 15 [...]

The Moving-Link

By | 18 May 2020|

"I have moved!" Link We offer a link for the move to Jabber/XMPP and want to help make the change easier. The link can be stored together with a text in the status of the old messenger or in [...]

Jitsi Meet with live streaming

By | 09 May 2020|

Jitsi Meet with live streaming was updated to the latest version stable-4548-1. YouTube live streaming has also been activated. The moderator can start streaming to YouTube in the menu at the bottom right. A guide to the required [...]

ejabberd update to 20.04

By | 01 May 2020|

ejabberd updated ejabberd was updated from version 19.05 to 20.04. With this version and Conversations since version 2.8.0 audio and video calls (XEP-0215) are possible. From version 2.4.0 Pix-Art also support calls. Further information: ejabberd 20.04 News Compliance Report: [...]