IPv6 has been enabled

From now is blabber.im also available in the IPv6 network. This step was long overdue and necessary.

$ host -t SRV _xmpp-client._tcp.blabber.im
_xmpp-client._tcp.blabber.im has SRV record 5 5 5222 erebos.xmpp.blabber.im.
_xmpp-client._tcp.blabber.im has SRV record 15 5 443 erebos.xmpp.blabber.im.
_xmpp-client._tcp.blabber.im has SRV record 5 5 5222 tartaros.xmpp.blabber.im.
_xmpp-client._tcp.blabber.im has SRV record 15 5 443 tartaros.xmpp.blabber.im.

$ host tartaros.xmpp.blabber.im
tartaros.xmpp.blabber.im has address
tartaros.xmpp.blabber.im has IPv6 address 2a01:4f8:141:316d::59

$ host erebos.xmpp.blabber.im
erebos.xmpp.blabber.im has address
erebos.xmpp.blabber.im has IPv6 address 2a01:4f8:161:73b0::176

Many thanks to nuron for the reminder!

Your blabber.im Team

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